2006年5月20日 (土)

"Pig" by Masayoshi Nishiyama

The Tansetsu:English Work



Masayoshi Nishiyama


 There was grove of miscellaneous trees in a point of my eyes. A whitish thing of an ellipse form was hanging down from the third tree from this side of the wood. When I tried to approach, it was a pig.

 A bedroom town in Tokyo. The housing development spread out south and the residence of a single-family house spread out north. It faced across the straight line road between them, and there was a park which is a size of about two grounds of amateur baseball.

 I was coming to here on business. This was the first time that I visit this town. There was a bench with a table. I gave up the attache case and took down the waist. Marks on a handle were attached to my palm.

 I had a smoke and turned my eyes in the direction which the sun sets in. And I stood up.

 The pig hanged itself.

 Although I was confused, to be sure, it was a pig. Besides, the situation was clearly different from it which is hanging down from the butcher. First of all, this pig was alive. It was a white and beautiful pig.

 It seemed to be a male. It still seemed to be young. Our eyes matched. He seemed to laugh.

 "Hey, What are you doing in such a place?"

 I tried to shake it. Then, he took out his gums and said "Hi my brother, don't you try to do like me?". For some reason, that pig is able to have seemed to speak words.

 The soccer ball has rolled over here. A young mother ran in pursuit of it here. A smell of woman drifted. "Isn't she nice?" That pig said and winked.

 "More than such a thing, aren't you painful?"

 "Yes, I am."

 When I thought that the neck of a pig would be where, he taught "It's here". However, his forelimb was too short and I did not understand it well where he pointed out.

 A woman who was with a dog came from a narrow path over there. She saw me being suspicious, and went past at a quick pace. The dog barked.

(translated by author himself)〈May 2006 Mailinglist session〉〔原作発表:平成17年(2006)1月通信座会・2月ML座会/初出:「短説」2006年3月号〕

Copyright (C) 2005-2006 NISHIYAMA Masayoshi. All
rights reserved.

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2006年2月25日 (土)

"A horse and a dream and a shallot" by Nobuo Akiba

The Tansetsu:English Work


A horse and a dream and a shallot


Nobuo Akiba


  A horse had a dream. Running the plain, a shallot was dangling in front of him. Knowing that a carrot was dangling, he thought it was rare that a shallot was. As he had been running a long time, he opened his mouth to eat it at one gulp.

  He tried to swallow it with clinking jaws. The shallot might percieve the danger. It made a dodge quickly and got into the horse's ear. Because the shallot felt comfortable in the horse's temperature, it came in his body deeply.

  The shallot had a dream. Becoming hungry, it thought about a monkey. Though it's common that a monkey peels a shallot, it dreamed a monkey was skinned by a shallot on the contrary. The peeled skin became potato chips. The potato chips started to squeak and they had dreams.

  They thought about bonitos. They imagined it was easy to eat shaved bonitos since the bonitos were thinner than themselves. Taking mouthfull bonitos, potato chips became to feel sleepy.

  The shaved bonitos thought about human beings. Bonitos are always used as a stock, but they dreamed to use men as it rarely.

  They mummied men and shaved men crunchy. Then, they made soup from flakes. But they realized it is quite flavorless.

  The human being who was used as a stock and lost his color had a dream about a horse. Horse's raw meat is tasty, and roast one is as well. He chopped a living horse's head off. A shallot, a monkey, potato chips and bonitos flushed out from the horse's body with blood. And then the horse woke up. When the horse felt relieved, he heard the waltz music.

  Carrying a man on a merry-go-round of an amusement park, the horse was spiked alive through his back..

(translated by author himself)〈March 2000 Tokyo session〉〔発表:平成12年(2000)3月東京座会/初出:「短説」2000年6月号/〈短説の会〉公式サイトupload:2004.2.18〕

Copyright (C) 2000-2006 AKIBA Nobuo. All
rights reserved.

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2005年4月 7日 (木)

Invitation to tansetsu

Invitation to tansetsu


Shuji Ashihara


  Tansetsu is the novel which was written in only 800 characters of Japan. But, there is a big difference between Japanese characters and English. So, think like this. Tansetsu is the shortest novel. For example, as one-page or one-column.

  But, maybe you won't recognize it as the novel. Because it is too short. Then, we named it "tansetsu"as a form of new literature.

  Tansetsu is a thing like a haiku in the poetry, but in the novel. In Japanese, haiku is announced in the party, and they enjoy and criticize it. Also, in the party which named "zakai", we read and criticize tansetsu.

  The literary movement of tansetsu began in autumn 1985. It is a new literary movement, but the tradition of Japanese literature is taken over richly.

  For example, the history of this short story "tansetsu" began from the"Konjaku- monogatri (now, long ago, a story)" was compiled in early 12th century in Japan. And, "Ise-story" was concluded in the Heian Period (8th century in Japan). This story is the accumulation of the little episode. And then, was described the all lives of "Poet Mr. Narihira". We recognize it, as an origin of "rensetsu". The "rensetsu" is composed with plural "tansetsu". We produced some wonderful "rensetsu" works and "tansetsu" works already, by the citizen, not a famous writer.

  Now, it passes through about 20 years. We can say that the pleasure of the creation of the novel was liberated to the general public.

  As for the thing that a novel creation is to look for an answer. What am I? Where am I? This method was liberated from the dictator's occupation. Now   we can participate in the creative activities freely. Anyone, all.

  A tansetsu is very little. But, the universe is contained in it. One lily flower is to be so.


  We want an American or an English person who lives around Tokyo and can help us for translation in Japanese to English. Make contact with e-mail please. <tansetsu@sj8.so-net.ne.jp>

Copyright (C) 2000-2005 ASHIHARA Shuji. All rights reserved.

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2005年4月 1日 (金)

"Four persons or three of them" by Shuji Ashihara

The Tansetsu:

"Four persons or three of them"


Shuji Ashihara


 I was coming down the riverside. There
were two boys, and they were holding each
other. I felt guilty as for seeing them.
But, I wanted to stare at them well. Then,
my eyes met one of boy's eyes. But they were
still holding tightly. And I observed them
well. They were twins whose lower half of
the body stuck together.

 There was a woman who had the sex organs
giving off fragrance. A certain writer novelized
her life. The novel became one of the best
sellers. Titled as "The flwer vagina".
Isn't it a cruel title? But it is the name
which is very easy to understand.

 Say the truth, my armpits have good smell,
too. Then how about my sex organs? I rounded
my back, and drew a nose to my sex organs.
It was a happening in the hot spring of the
destination. In the open-air bath, no one
was there except for me. But my sex organs
didn't smell. The sulfur smell of the hot
spring might disturb it. And probably because
my nose didn't reach to my sex organs. My
body was so stubborm. If there was good smell
there, it would be named "The flower
pipe". As I thought so far, I began
to laugh.

 I was looking around on the bridge. An
eared owl was drowned in the river. What
a silly feI1ow! Maybe, he stood on end in
the surface of the water. As for such a thing,
he had to be again overtumed. The moment
I thought it, the owl was overtumed and stood
on the water. Therefore, he could jump into
the air. It was as I said. Then I stuck out
my tongue. And the owl stuck out his tongue
to me. He had a black tongue which was very

 I visited the artistic exhibition. It was
the very good and fine exhibition. But all
of artists were unknown to me. Probably,
they were all newcomers. On the exit, a naked
boy was standing, He didn't move like an
object. I stopped, and looked at him well.
Only his Adam's apple moved a little. I wanted
to touch him. Ahen! His belly was so soft
and Warm.

(translated by author himself) 〈August 1999 Tokyo/Tokatsu session〉 〔発表:1999年8月東京・東葛座会/初出:「短説」1999年11月号/(英訳版)「短説」2000年4月号:/〈短説の会〉公式サイトupload:2005.2.1〕

Copyright (C) 1999-2005 ASHIHARA Shuji. All
rights reserved.

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